St Annin’s National School opened on 1st September 1896. The three-teacher school was situated at Killola. It had outdoor toilets, no running water and the children brought turf to the school to heat an open fire. The school was relocated to its present site in 1968.

Due to expanding numbers a fourth teacher was appointed and the original staff room was used as a classroom in 1978/79, as the school applied for an extension.

In 1979/81 one of the classrooms was partitioned and as the staff increased to five, a prefab was located on the present basketball court.

After a long series of meetings with politicians, school inspectors, and the Office of Public Works, the Department finally in 1984 authorised the extension of two classrooms, a general purpose room, medical room and a new staff room. The extension was opened in November 1985. As the number of pupils continued to grow a sixth classroom was opened in 1993.

In 1995 a large hill which had been situated at the rear of the school was bulldozed and the entire area landscaped. Two further tarred areas were added at this time. Since then trees and shrubs have been planted and the school garden developed.

The school celebrated its centenary in 1996 with a four day festival which proved to be a great success. The celebrations were attended by past pupils from all parts of the world.

In 1999 the windows at the rear of the school were replaced by double-glazing. In 2003 a large section of front windows was replaced by double –glazing. The interior of the school was repainted in 2000. The school started a drive towards litter awareness and recycling in 2000/2001 and now holds a ‘Green Flag’.

Due to increasing pupil numbers the general purpose room was divided into a classroom and resource teachers room in 2003. A massive fundraising drive enabled us to build an eighth classroom in 2004. A major project to develop the school garden was implemented in 2005 – 2007.

In recent years the school applied for and was granted funding with which we built an extension comprising of one classroom, a resource room and a principal’s office. This project was completed in February 2008.

In 2010 a car park, set down and roundabout to the rear of the school and an extension comprising of a classroom, offices and reception area was completed. All associated with the school are justly proud of the expansion of the school and grounds.

School parking and roundabout